How to get healthy nails

When it comes to timeless style, one thing that never goes out of fashion is having healthy nails. Just like a classic black and white Breton top, a well-fitted pair of high-waisted jeans, or white sneakers, well-maintained nails are the perfect accessory to complete any look. Regardless of the year or season, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

However, achieving and maintaining healthy nails requires some effort and care. Similar to curating the perfect 90s playlist, you need to dedicate time and attention to ensure your nails stay in tip-top shape. So, before you embark on any adventures in pursuit of that Instagram-worthy moment, take a moment to discover our top nail care tips that will help you maintain healthy and beautiful nails throughout the year. Your fingers will surely thank you later.

Show your cuticles some love

Cuticles often go unnoticed and underappreciated, yet they play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our nails. These tiny, protective seals serve to safeguard the new nail growth from harmful bacteria and potential damage. Despite their importance, it’s ironic that many of us seek ways to eliminate or conceal them. It’s a conundrum: while everyone desires healthy nails, visible and dry cuticles can detract from the perfect manicure we strive for. So, what can one do to strike the right balance?

Give your cuticles the attention they deserve, and they will reward you with beautiful nails. Incorporating nail and cuticle care into your beauty routine can work wonders in keeping your nails looking fresh. Take the time to keep them clean and moisturized. For extra care between manicures, try our Rest and Repair Wonder Mask to address any existing issues. To maintain healthy nails, indulge in our moisture-rich Self Love Oil on a daily basis. With these simple steps, you can ensure your cuticles are well-nourished and your nails are in their best condition.

Maintain your length

Now, here’s an interesting fact: the sun has a surprising effect on nail growth, making them grow faster. Nature never ceases to amaze us, right? However, before you get too excited about your rapidly growing nails, let’s discuss the implications this can have on nail care and health.

With faster nail growth, it becomes crucial to elevate your nail care routine to maintain their shape and strength. By doing so, you can prevent breakages, chipping, and potential damage that could escalate over time. It’s important to keep a close eye on your nails and take proactive measures. If you’re on the go, consider carrying nail clippers and an emery board in your emergency beauty kit. You never know when the need for nail care might arise. Stay prepared and keep those nails in check!

Become a pro at protection

As the summer season arrives, it brings along more opportunities for outdoor activities. While enjoying the sun is delightful, it’s essential to prioritize your protection. While UV rays can stimulate nail growth, they also have the potential to make your nails brittle and yellow. Combine this with the drying effects of salt water and chlorine, and you might find your nails becoming flakier than the croissants at your favorite bakery.

To counter these effects, it’s crucial to take preventive measures. Shield your nails from excessive sun exposure by applying UV-protective nail polish or wearing gloves when necessary. After swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools, rinse your hands and nails thoroughly with fresh water and apply a moisturizing nail treatment. By being mindful of these factors, you can ensure your nails remain healthy and resilient throughout the summer season.
Elevate your nail protection game with our Supersonic Top Coat, designed to create a barrier that keeps harmful elements at bay while preserving the goodness within. When it’s time to bid farewell to your manicure, choose a conscious uncoupling with our Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover. Unlike harsh removers, it safeguards your nails from dryness and instead provides a nourishing dose of hydration.

By incorporating these products into your nail care routine, you can ensure that your nails remain shielded, healthy, and well-nourished. Say goodbye to damaging removers and hello to a healthier approach to nail care.

Keep it colorful

Nail health goes hand in hand with overall well-being and beauty. While it’s important to care for your nails, it’s also exciting to explore the latest nail polish trends that can keep your nails both stylish and healthy this season.

A comprehensive nail care guide would be incomplete without mentioning the must-have nail polish colors. These colors not only keep your nails on-trend but also promote a sense of confidence and self-expression. Discover the latest shades that align with your personal style and embrace the joy of having nails that are both healthy and fashionable.