Nail Shape Guide: Finding the Perfect Style for Your Fingertips

Nail shape inspiration is everywhere, especially when you explore the fascinating realm of nail design. However, the secret to discovering your perfect nail shape lies right at your fingertips. If you’re pressed for time, we’ve got you covered with a quick and convenient quiz that will help you identify your ideal nail shape in no time.

While it’s easy to get mesmerized by the array of Instagram-worthy nail styles showcased by friends, Pinterest feeds, or glossy magazines, sometimes the answer you seek is much closer to home – right on your own hands. By understanding the shape of your hands, you can unlock the best techniques for accentuating your most flattering features while downplaying any less-desired aspects. So, which nail shape works best for your specific hand type? Allow us to guide you. But first, let’s delve into the enchanting world of nail shapes to choose from, including the ever-popular square nail shape, known for its timeless appeal and versatility, making it a top contender for achieving the perfect nail look.

You better shape up

While the realm of nail shapes offers a vast array of options, we have handpicked a few favorites that are worth exploring. Here are some of our top recommendations for you to consider.

In the quest for the perfect nail shape, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s preferences and hand structures vary. However, we believe these nail shapes possess timeless appeal and versatility, making them worthy contenders for achieving your desired look. Among our favorites is the classic square nail shape, renowned for its clean lines and ability to complement a variety of styles.


As natural as they come, nails have a mind of their own, growing in unique shapes that follow their own natural course.

Whether they grow straight and symmetrical, possess a charming flare, or boast a subtly uneven shape, natural nails have a beauty that reflects nature’s intention. Embracing the organic growth patterns of your nails can add a touch of authenticity to your overall look, allowing you to celebrate the innate beauty of your unique nail shapes.


The oval shape features straight-filed sides ending in a gentle semicircle. Length isn’t essential; a few millimeters of free edge beyond the fingertip works wonders.


With straight-filed sides and a straight-filed free edge, the square shape is effortlessly chic. It adds noticeable width to your nails, so embrace it wisely.


Our all-time favorite, the almond shape suits everyone. Create a wide base and file the sides into a tapered peak at the free edge for a stunning look.


Combining the charm of an oval with a flatter tip, the squoval shape resembles a rectangle with soft corners. File straight across the free edge, smoothly rounding the corners for a refined look.


Embodying both edginess and femininity, the coffin shape, also called ballerina, showcases a tapered point with a flattened tip. Note that this style requires long and strong nails to achieve the desired effect.

How to find the best nail shape for your fingers: a handy guide to hands​

Short fingers, long palm This shape will help make your fingers appear longer and more slender to balance out the length of your palm. File the sides of your nails straight and gently taper the free edge into a semicircle.
Short fingers, wide palm   Tapered shapes like almond elongate shorter or wider fingers. File the sides of your nails so they gently taper to the tip, then round out the tip into a gentle curve.
Long fingers, wide palm The edgy coffin or ballerina shape is enhanced by long fingers and balanced by a square palm. File the sides of your nails so they gently taper to the tip, then file the tip down parallel to the nail bed.
Long fingers, long palm Short but stylish shapes ensure your fingers don’t look too long and spider-like. Flatten the tip of the nail down parallel to the nail bed, then slightly round the corners on each side.


In conclusion, discovering the perfect nail shape for your fingertips is an exciting journey of self-expression and personal style. We have explored a range of nail shapes, from classic favorites like square and almond to trendy options like squoval and coffin. By understanding the characteristics of each shape and considering your hand type, you can choose a style that enhances the natural beauty of your nails.